Not with a Bang

Or a whimper either, really.

I mentioned in my last personal post that me and Michelle have lately entered into another male chastity phase and she has agreed to be in charge of my orgasms. Since then, she has also agreed to take the dominant role in our relationship.

The conversation around this was also very brief – I guess because we have been this way before and we know all the issues.

S – I think it would be good if you would take charge of our relationship and do what you wanted, and ask for what you want as well.

M – I don’t mind that idea, but I don’t really want a lot of kinky stuff. It’s not really me.

S – Can I ask for it sometimes?

M – Okay. And, the chastity thing is fun, but you can get too needy when you haven’t come for a while. It ends up being too much pressure on me.

S – I’ll try not to do that. You could always make me come if it starts getting weird.

M – OK, well, let’s give it a try.

S – Sure.

That’s a slightly condensed version, but really, it took no more than five minutes.

She has let me come once in the last three weeks. She has also been demanding what she wants, but also made it clear she wants me to offer her acts of service as well, like cups of tea and footrubs and so on because it’s nice for her and shows her that I am paying attention to her. Pretty easy stuff.

The subsequent sex has been A) much more frequent and B) pretty vanilla overall. Most of the time she just likes me to make her come really hard with my tongue or fingers after penetrating her for a while, and then she teases me about how I am not allowed to come, and that’s it. She has also agreed to give me anal on request, and followed up on it. But the main difference is the kissing, the affection, the teasing, sexy vibe between us. It’s so much stronger than when I am not chaste.

So, the lack of regular ‘kink’ is OK for me. My main turn on is being teased and denied orgasm anyway, bondage and so on have always been a bit peripheral. I think I’ll probably ask for something along those lines about once every six months, and leave it there.

I look back on previous years on this blog and think about how hard I worked, and how difficult it was to get to this point, and the struggle feels strange to me now. I think I must have mellowed out about the whole thing in the last few years. Or maybe she has. And now, it’s just clicked.

Hoping this isn’t a false dawn – it really doesn’t feel like one.

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