Genomorph Beta (Episode 2)

Continued from episode 1

The next morning…

Steve: Hey babe, can I borrow some panties?

Michelle: What’s wrong with yours?

Steve: My…new thing doesn’t feel right in boxers.

Michelle: OK. How about a g-string? Just enough to barely cover your cute little pussy?

Steve: Ew, gross. Please don’t call it that. I actually want some briefs. I want it to feel snug.

Michelle: Oh, sorry. I thought you might like a bit of dirty talk.

Steve: Yeah, but not right now. Briefs will be fine. Do you think we should have paid the extra three thousand for me to get boobs?

Michelle: Well, we haven’t actually used the genitals yet, so maybe not.

134351-bed-blonde_hair-blush-futana_1597277565Steve: OK. How is your…thing?

Michelle: It’s all right. It was pretty weird when I woke up this morning and it was all hard. At first I thought it was something crawling around in my pants…

Steve: Yup, morning wood. You’ll get that.

Michelle:  Also, when I went to the toilet just now I had…options. I had to get my brain to pick which hole I was going to use.

Steve: Mine came out both. I had to sit down.

Michelle: I was sitting down, anyway. I think it’s the way to go.

Steve: For sure.

That evening…

Michelle: So, it’s been a whole day. Should we…?

Steve: Yeah we should give this a try. It works out to be over three hundred dollars a day, so each day we don’t do it, is kind of a waste of cash.

Michelle: Yeah, so no pressure or anything!

Steve: I know, it’s crazy. Have you been feeling turned on at all?

Michelle: I don’t know. I think my girl bits are horny, but my boy bits haven’t worked out what is going on yet.

Steve: Hmmm. I know what you mean. Well, we could just…

Michelle: Have normal sex?

Steve:  (Laughs). OK. What are we going to do about…

Michelle: Yeah, it’s going to get in the way, isn’t it? How about you do me from behind?

Steve: Oh I’m totally good for that.

Steve serves up fifteen minutes of deep doggy.  Michelle comes twice with her fingers on her clit. We lie together cuddling. 

Michelle: Yeah baby.

Steve: Mmmm. You were nice and wet.

Michelle: Thanks. You were solid. But how about…your other one?

Steve: Um…It doesn’t feel like that much. I just keep wanting to put panties on it.

Michelle: You do that, girl. I’m going to take a shower.

Steve: OK…

More to follow

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