So This Is Curvy…


Just what the world needs: another middle-aged man commenting on women’s body shapes!

Seriously though – I’m going to do it anyway. Here goes.

Curvy is not about size, folks. It’s about ratios. It means, having curves! The waist goes in. See?

And curvy isn’t ‘back’, or ‘sexy again’. It never left, and it was always sexy. From the male perspective anyway. Some women may have thought they needed to look like broom-sticks to gain acceptance, but it wasn’t acceptance from men. At least, not any of the men I know, or have ever heard talking about women.

Now, in contrast to curvy, we have normal. We call it normal because it is what normal women look like. That’s right. There is such a thing as a normal woman! Shocking but true.

Size 10-14 women are pretty normal – statistically speaking. So a culture that describes them as ‘large‘ or ‘plus size‘ is not only erroneous, it’s also insulting to size 16-18 women, who actually are plus size – statistically speaking. And it also makes size 4-8 women appear normal, when in fact, thy aren’t, and could easily be thin to an unhealthy degree.

Describing either normal or plus size women as ‘curvy’ misses the point, too. Just because a woman has a bit of weight around her middle doesn’t make her curvy. It just makes her normal, as opposed to those skinny women she was told she was supposed to look like by clothing magazines.

Actual curvy women, like the one pictured here? They are not so common. In the case of this photo, I’d say, she’s young and hasn’t filled out yet, or, she is a normally rather large young woman who has put in a hell of a lot of work slimming down.

I enjoy curvy where I see it, but I’m not going to call a normal woman ‘curvy’, just to kid myself that I have accepting, open-minded tastes in women’s bodies.

Curvy is curvy. Normal is just fine.  ‘Nough said.

Oh, and this curvy woman wants to ask you something:


Is that okay?

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