Sweet Spot

Things are good in my world lately.

We’re about to go on a 3-week holiday overseas and that will give us both a chance to unwind and spend a lot of time together.

But even with all the activity leading up to going away things have been pretty good.

Michelle has ben teasing me a lot of late. The other day she came to bed and then asked me to masturbate while she posed naked for me, which I did at once. Then she bit me and made me kind her glorious boobs and smell her armpits, all of which was heaven./ She told me she was going to let me come  at the end, and then reneged and said she had changed her mind. After that she kicked me out of bed and insinuated she was going to masturbate in her own time.

The following night we actually tried to have coital sex. It was a bit hopeless – I haven’t come in several weeks and am very ‘backed up’. Sometimes I am fine in this situation and can still maintain control but last night was not one of those times. We screwed for about ten minutes, very slowly, and then she pushed me off and said that I could watch her while she came.  kissed her breasts while she played with herself. No orgasm for me. No sign of one either.

Her skin feels amazing at the moment. It’s warm and tender and smells heavenly. She giggles when I tell her things like this this because she knows that it’s largely the hormones making me feel that way but I also think she likes it too.

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