The Man from Alibi

The Man from Alibi is that other man you’d want to have sex with, if you were not married to your husband.

He pops into your head sometimes. Most commonly when you are taking care of yourself, but also, when you are with your partner, or when you’re doing laundry, or driving, or just doing nothing at all.

You can imagine him looking something like a combination of several of your favorite actors. They are all shape-shifters too, playing different roles at different times.

Sometimes he just looks like a handsome man that you have never met.

And sometimes he looks like no one at all.

It is not his appearance that counts. It is his potential to express a part of you that lies elsewhere.

And it is his power, the power to lead you into a places and situations that you have never been, and give you leave of absence from from the familiar world you have made around yourself.

(And also, he’s like, crazy good in bed.)

5 thoughts on “The Man from Alibi

  1. I am talking about numerous nameless men that I find myself fantasizing about …. Fulfilling me in a way that is desperately needed. They change appearances, personalities, occupations, geographical location based purely on my desires at a given moment. So many “what ifs?” closely followed by “never to be”. Of course, in my most vivid imagination, these nameless men do shift into animals ….. sexual beasts taking me with ferocity.

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