Genomorph Beta (Episode 3)

The third night…

 Steve: Hi babe. How was work?

Michelle:  Good. I’m gotta say, I’m glad we decided to cancel the month of leave. I got a lot done today.

Steve: Yeah. Spending every day together would have been too much.  I…a pretty good day, too.

Michelle: Oh yeah? Anything you want to tell me about, sweetie?

Steve:  Sweetie?

Michelle: (giggles). Sorry. You just had this kinda cute innocent look.

Steve: Hmmm. Well, I had a moment today.

Michelle: Do tell!

Steve: I got talking to this woman in the coffee shop.  She had a baby.

Michelle: What?

Steve: I know. I didn’t fancy her exactly. But I watched her holding the baby and saw its head on her breasts, and, um…

Michelle: WHAAAT?

Steve: Yeah.

Michelle: So you got horny?

Steve: No. I just felt very…something.

Michelle: Right. Ten thousand bucks for feeling something.

Steve: Yeah. And for the record I don’t really feel like it tonight.

Michelle: I wasn’t going to ask.

The fourth night

Michelle: OK, my turn to report. I had a moment today.  It was…

Steve: …let me guess, not what you expected?

Michelle: You could say that. Actually, let’s see if you can guess.

Steve: You didn’t bone up for some hot dude, did you?

Michelle (giggles) No but I wouldn’t rule it out, in future.

Steve: You’re so het, even your dick is het.

Michelle: Hah! OK, guess again.

Steve: There was a hot chick on the train and you wanted to give her one?

Michelle: No, that’s how your cock works. Last guess.

Steve: I really have no idea.

hentai-futanari-14Michelle: OK. I saw this older woman in the thrift shop. She was Indian I think, and she smelled like curry. She was buying candles.

Steve: So…you boned up over that?

Michelle: Dude, even with a vagina you are still a caveman.

Steve: Feel free to wait for an apology.

Michelle: (rolls eyes). Anyway, I started thinking about her masturbating with the candles. And yeah, I did get hard.

Steve: Wow. So…was she attractive?

Michelle: She was all right. It wasn’t really about that. I could tell she had children, and she was probably a housewife, and she looked lonely.

Steve: So you fancy middle-aged Asian women?

Michelle: Um…maybe my cock does.

Steve: And my vagina likes pregnant chicks. Oh this is just awesome.

Michelle: I can see what they mean about not getting what you expected.

Steve: Totally. Hey, are you horny now…?

Michelle: I might be. Do you want to pretend to be an Indian woman buying candles?

Steve: Yeah! In opposite world. Hell no.

Michelle: Sigh. Should we leave it for another night?

Steve: I guess so.



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