Joanne: Hammock

(First episode is here).

When I was really young, I used to have a dream that my body was caught in a net. I think it was the first sign of my true nature.

As I lay in my bed, I could feel my arms up above my head, held there firmly but gently, and my legs were fastened to the foot of the bed, so that I could move about, but not get free.

I had a lot of flying dreams as a girl, too. My skirt would catch on something as I walked along, and then I’d trip, and somehow I’d fall upward, and find myself floating up over the forested mountains near my home, well away from the world below.

One night when I was about ten, the dreams came together.

I lay suspended above the bed in the net, but this time, it moved upward above my house, and took me helpless into the air, where I floated for what seemed like hours, with my arms pinned fast above me, writhing about in joy.

It was like being tied to a magic carpet.

JJ_GC_sp_ps_24When I was a little older, at the age of thirteen – about a year after I had found out what my clitoris was for –  I went to my friend’s beach house, and they had a hammock.

I lay down in it and instantly had that sense of being on the bed-net again, spread out and floating in the horizontal.

Then my friend came in with me and we lay there together, giggling, idly swinging.

That night, I dreamed of being tied up on the flying carpet again.

This time there was a man on it, controlling it. He was very good at it. He steered us out past the desert and towards some islands over the bay, where we landed, but I remained tied.

I woke up from the dream and it was very early.

I crept out of my room to the hammock on the porch, and I climbed in and lay there with one hand above my head, pretending it was tied. I masturbated with the other hand.

I had never had more than a few orgasms at a time before.

That morning on their back porch, with the sun just rising, I had nine.

I don’t own a hammock right now, but, sometimes, when I lie in bed with my arms up, I can feel myself gently rocking, and the old magic feeling returns.


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