The look on his face is so stupid

My name is Martina and if you have ever met a hotter girl than me, I would like to see her. I am the best, and I have known it since I was like, twelve. I know because I see the way men look at me and the way they look at other girls, and it ain’t the same. I’m better.

This is me at the swimming pool in a local hotel, I come here all the time, they don’t mind if you go nude so long as everyone is cool about it.

The dude who was standing up there perving down on me, he probably didn’t realise I knew he was there. He probably thought all deaf people are stupid, so I wouldn’t know. But see, I have my boyfriend Felix over on the other side of the pool and he is signing to me, saying, “babe you got another peeper, up on the balcony.”

So I look up at him and see him there, all white in the face and sweaty and with his mouth open, wearing this dumb bucket hat and Hawaiian shirt. I think I have seen him down the singles bars too. (Yeah, I go to singles bars too, with my boyfriend there keeping an eye on me.)

I know this dipshit wants to see my tits, because all guys want to see them. He knows he should turn and go away because he has just been caught out perving on a babe, and I am way out of his league. But I know if I start taking my bikini top off, he’ll stay there and look anyway, and what do you know, but that’s exactly what he does.

He even smiles at me like we are having some kind of real thing together, and he calls out to me, I don’t even bother trying to read it because I do not lip-read dipshit. OK so maybe he didn’t know I was deaf, but he’s still a douche anyway, some mama’s boy who grew up easy and can’t dig the real world, so he just skulks around on the sidelines trying to catch a glimpse of a beautiful girl.

I’ve totally got the straps undone, and he’s still staring and talking to me, he thinks I’m actually flirting with him and going to show him something, but he doesn’t know that Felix has started climbing the stairs to go and get what we came for.

I lean forward to let the bikini fall, and when I look up again, Felix is there, and the dipshit has just realised that he’s been busted. I can see Felix say something about making it worth his while not to beat the guy up, and the guy starts fumbling around with his wallet and gives over some cash.

He looks down at me one last time and I just laugh, the look on his face is so stupid.

Me and Felix got fifty dollars and went to a bar. But he fucked me first, in the back of the car. I get horny seeing him standing over guys like that, and knowing I was the bait.

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