This one is complimentary

20100801-max-049This is my ex-girlfriend Caprice. When I met her she was 23, working as an office temp and absolutely hating it. In fact she hates a lot of things about life, but she is very well-named – she is capricious, and loves games.

Anyway, I took this photo of her on a train down to Dover. We were just starting a three week break over summer. I just couldn’t resist snapping her. We’d known each other four months and she knew I loved taking pictures of her.

‘Hey John,’ she said. ‘You know how you wanted to take nude photos of me? Well, now is your chance.’

‘On the train? What if someone comes?’ I said.

‘Do you want to take photos or not?’ she responded.

‘I do.’

‘Well, it will cost you. You have to let me stay at your house for a week when we get back.’

‘I…sure, sweetie. I’d love to have you over.’

She took off her panties, lifted back her skirt, and let me take this photo.


Then straight away she pulled it back down again and crossed her legs.

‘I wasn’t finished. Can I take some more?’ I said.

‘Another week,’ she said, straighfaced.

‘You want to spend a whole fortnight at my house just for two photos?’

‘You want to take photos of the scenery?’ she said. (The scenery was trees and fields.)

‘OK. Another week. You know you could just ask to stay at my place and then I could take photos, seperately.’

‘Two weeks, you get another photo,’ she said.

The deal made, she let me take this photo.


‘I get so absentminded when I am on holidays. I totally forgot to pack a bra,’ she says, deliberately coquetteish. Then she covers it all up again.

‘I still want to take more,’ I said, loving the moment, even if she was being a pain. ‘How about the other one.’

‘A third week?’

‘A third week! Sweetie, why don’t you just move in?’

‘I thought you’d never ask,’ she said.

”Is that what this is about? You want to move in with me?’ I said.

‘Yeah. I really do. Then I won’t have to send the next three weeks thinking about money. I hate worrying about money.’

So I agreed to let her move in with me and she let me take this photo. Totally worth it I’m sure you would agree, even if she was a bit of a troll.


Then, she covered up temporaily, and made a phone call to her landlord and gave him the obligatory six weeks notice, and told him that she hated him. Then she started flashing me again, but just a split second at a time, not long enough for me to take a good shot.

‘I can see the door, you know,’ she says. ‘If anyone comes down the hall I can put it all away again. I have great reflexes.’

She keeps demonstrating this, by quickly covering herself and then exposing again.

‘You look like you have practiced that,’ I said.

‘I have to do this quite a lot when I am teasing myself at work,’ was her reply.

The thought of her playing with her clit while she is at her desk makes me ache to fuck her and I can’t wait to get her to the holiday house.

‘You are too talented to be working as a temp,’ I say.

‘I’m working on it,’ she says. ‘But you know I hate working!’

Then she throws her underpants out the window, and shows herself again, this time letting me take it all in.


‘What do I owe you for this one?’ I said.

‘Oh, this one is complementary.’


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