No Cukes!

FRUSTRATED_WIFE2 weeks into my trip to Europe, Carla calls me, her voice shaking.

C: I really need to take this thing off.

Me: Why? It was partly your idea, remember. No backing out now.

C: It’s driving me crazy. I keep hallucinating. Today I felt like I was practically naked in the supermarket.

Me: You are wearing your body suits under there, right?

C: Yeah but it felt like that was all I was wearing and everyone in the aisle knew it. I bought some vegetables, and then I walked home, and forgot I had driven to the store. I had to go back later. It was so embarrassing.

Me: Hah! Poor sweetie. Be careful what you wish for.  I’ll be home in a week…

C: Seriously, just one? Or not even that. I just need to feel something inside me for five minutes. Then I’ll put it back on.

M: Nope. I’m not telling you where they spare key is. You gotta have something much better than that.

C: Asshole.

Me: 🙂

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