Super Wifey Says: Behave!

‘You proper Super Wifey,’ say I as I sit down to the table. ‘You make food taste good.’

‘Your fake Japanese accent is terrible. And, I am not pretending to be a geisha girl for you,’ says Super Wifey. ‘Just eat the noodles’

‘You such a terrific lady,’ says I. ‘You so good proper real wifey lady make noodles.’

‘Stop it! And if you say me so horny I will go out for the evening,’ she says.

‘Why so mean?’ says I. ‘You should be real nice wifey lady.’

‘I am real nice wifey lady,’ she says. ‘Now behave!’

But of course, I will not behave. She just started talking in the Super Wifey voice. Now I know I’ve got her interested.

Later, she is Super Wifey in a different way.


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