Make A Wish

This is a particularly delightful piece of fantasy F/m art by Mousticus on Deviant Art. There’s some excellent giantess stuff up there, mostly of tiny adoring men being squashed by voluptuous Oriental princesses. This is my favorite. The idea of a guy / genie being trapped forever in a large clit ring is such a one-off idea. Never seen anything like it before, doubt I will again.


Sadistic Milez

Two F/m pics by Sadisticmilez.  His style is somewhere between manga and European. A few more on his deviant art page but he’s not prolific as far as I know. Nothing too gratuitous in any of them.

I like these because of a few touches. Firstly, what is she watching? It could be porn but maybe she’s just doing her homework or listening to music. Second, the bondage pic in the background of the first one. That looks like her room. She’s taken him back there for some unexpected fun.