No Cukes!

FRUSTRATED_WIFE2 weeks into my trip to Europe, Carla calls me, her voice shaking.

C: I really need to take this thing off.

Me: Why? It was partly your idea, remember. No backing out now.

C: It’s driving me crazy. I keep hallucinating. Today I felt like I was practically naked in the supermarket.

Me: You are wearing your body suits under there, right?

C: Yeah but it felt like that was all I was wearing and everyone in the aisle knew it. I bought some vegetables, and then I walked home, and forgot I had driven to the store. I had to go back later. It was so embarrassing.

Me: Hah! Poor sweetie. Be careful what you wish for.  I’ll be home in a week…

C: Seriously, just one? Or not even that. I just need to feel something inside me for five minutes. Then I’ll put it back on.

M: Nope. I’m not telling you where they spare key is. You gotta have something much better than that.

C: Asshole.

Me: 🙂

Package Deal

As per usual, me and Michelle have been going through highs and lows – some great times, but also some real lows lately. Funny how they seem to come together. We both wish they didn’t.

Since this is a chastity / femdom blog I will mostly limit my observations to stuff about that, but suffice to say that issues that plague many modern marriages – division of time and labour, sex, money, social issues – also plague ours.

A particular issue that has been coming up lately – close to an impending move and life change – is that when I am chaste I naturally begin to become submissively inclined. I do not mean “cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush” inclined. I mean, wanting to feel a submissive rush during sex or companionship.

Michelle likes me wearing the device and has begun to actually insist on it. She gets quite turned on when I am locked up while pleasuring her, and likes it when it gets taken off, and she gets to see me stand to attention. But in her mind, that is a separate thing to having the sort of sex where she is dominant with me. She likes the device, quite separate from anything else. (She does like other stuff too, on occasion).

But I have told her that when the device goes on, I start to feel the need to please her, and also, to feel a submissive rush. So in my mind, the two are connected.

“So it’s a package deal?” she asked.

“I guess it is. That’s how I feel,” I said. And we both worry that eventually my neediness when the device is on will spill over into bottom-topping, or open fighting.

We’ve agreed to keep a close eye on this as we do not want things fucking up while we are in the middle of the stresses of a big move. The device is on at the moment, but might be going away for a while, while we are settling in.

I find it difficult to imagine how the two things could be separate. In my mind, wearing this thing is so obviously a symbol of submission, and an extension of the desire to feel the rush of a submissive. But it seems to turn her on, quite independently of that. Life can be strange.

cb6000s – week one

A week in the device with no release and time to take stock.

The device is fine so far. Getting erections is a bit uncomfortable, so I have been avoiding lustful thoughts throughout the day and looking for ways to distract myself.

I find, oddly, that reading or looking at blogs and images online doesn’t really cause any problems with that. I get turned on in mild way but I do not actually get an erection. It’s when I think about my wife things starts ‘crunching’ (not literally but it feels like they are about to). When I am with her, this mild pain is delightful and makes her giggle, but she is away at the moment, so thinking about being with her is basically self-inflicted torture. I took a shirt of hers to bed with me last night to remind me of her smell. Mistake.

If I remember to put some lubricant around my scrotum and perineum before I go to bed I have no issues with chafing so far. In the shower, I take the opportunity to move things around a bit to make sure nothing gets ‘stuck’. So far so good. No apparent hygiene issues either and really no problem with going to the toilet. It lines up pretty well.

I have noticed that the main top seam on the cage is more visible than it was. I have read that several users have had issues with the cage splitting, which is apparently quite a big deal if it happens while you have a night-time erection and the excess tissue forces its way through the split, which then closes back on the skin again. Ouch. Next time Michelle lets me out I may do as Mr Allen recommends, and deliberately break the cage at the seams, and then superglue it back again to make a stronger join.

On other fronts, I have noticed that this device is far more gym friendly than the chrome device. My previous wrap-up pointed out that there were quite a few things I could not do in the old device: reclining exercises and the bike exercises were the main issues. Both of these problems are fixed by the new device. I can do a full 15-min bike ride no problems, and floor work is also discreet.

Oh yeah, and I am pretty horny. Sleeping a bit less than I was but nothing like the insomnia that develops if I am not in a device and edge myself. And a bit more energy than normal.

I am experimenting with ways of feeling the horniness in other parts of me, mostly in my stomach, so that it doesn’t automatically cause me to bar up. More of that in another post.


It’s so on

Wearing CB600s with the second largest ring and spacer. A nice birthday present. Quickly in sub mode as soon as it went on. Feeling very happy.

Basic thoughts: this thing is light, comfortable, and discrete. And so much better than that chrome number, it almost puts it in a different class of object.

I am about 50% sure I could get it off in the shower, although I have been warned there would be severe consequences if that occurred. So next time it comes off and goes back on, we’ll try the size down.

Difficult to explain how putting your dick in a plastic cage can be so reassuring and comfortable. But it really is.


Dongstopper 8000

I have been in and out of the device lately and I have been thinking a lot lately about designs for devices that would actually work for me long term. That’s the main point of this post.

I am currently wearing just the ring, and it is WAAAAAY comfortable and awesome. I saw a message board post recently with a guy describing this as being kinda like wearing a wedding ring, and I know exactly what this means. There is something so comforting about having it there, a permanent, low level reminder of sexual desire that somehow builds slowly throughout the days like…a glow inside my body, sorry, I had to go there.

But as for the cage, well, I could wear it happily if my life were spent in tracksuit pants at home, but at work it is becoming seriously difficult to manage. Half my wardrobe is out of the question. Having looked at other options online I am not sure if a change of device is going to solve the problem. The issue is more with the whole way “ring and cage” devices are designed. No matter what you do, your balls are always going to be a target for squishing and your pants are always going to have a large, strange and basically immovable bulge somewhere inside them.

I’ve been thinking about a design which is basically

  • A locked ring with the padlocked join down the bottom, near the perineum
  • Two strands of metal coming out from the top of the ring that sit over the top of the penis, which ends up tucked down against the balls. The strands cross over each other and end up nestling against the glans. They are tipped with small steel balls to prevent them poking the glans.

I utterly suck at drawing, and I am aware that this basically looks like a picture of a cock ring with the guy’s penis crossed out, but hopefully you get the idea.

The bottom line – I don’t actually see the point in wearing a cage or a tube when really all that would be required to keep the penis flat down to the balls and pointing downward is a couple of well-placed rods of metal that crossed one another to form an X. You’d still pee sitting down. You could maybe get an erection but couldn’t masturbate. And the whole package would point downwards, rather than forward and down in an arc like cage devices do. (Even though this cartoon guy’s junk is sitting up pretty, mine doesn’t, when I am just wearing the ring).

If you’re reading this and thinking “hey, but that’s exactly the design of the Dongstopper 8000” or whatever, feel free to point this out to me because at the moment I do not know where to purchase such an item, or, if they would actually work as I imagine they might.

It just crept up on me…

I’ve been chaste for about  two weeks now, mostly in the device.

Most of this time I haven’t really noticed much difference to how I would feel out of chastity. Working, a bit tired, turned on by Michelle, responding to her requests for orgasms and also trying to grab her whenever she is within five feet of me.  The usual.

Then all of a sudden, today, it hit me.

I’m fucking horny.

In chastity but out of the device and edging when I felt like it, the horn would have come on after about three days and by now, I would be absurdly horny and having trouble concentrating.

But in a device, I gotta say that this is the first time I have really noticed feeling this way.

It’s not like I am sporting a massive hard on or anything because the cage prevents it, but, the whole area from navel to mid thigh is kind of starting to ache and tingle. It feels like there is something there, some warm energy, and it’s pleasurable all the time. It’s constrained by the ring, which sorts condenses it into that area. It also somehow means that the sensations that would normally be mildly unconfortable – like, “this ring is kinda tight, huh?” – are actually starting to feel good.

It really came on yesterday and today. If I’m not careful my brain focuses on it too much and I just sit there gently writhing, like a horny little bee-otch.

Whole situation kinda rules, basically. Odd, because it had been a stressful time in other ways, and Michelle has been very busy and distracted, but wearing this device is really awesome. I dig it.

Can I wear my chastity device in the gymnasium?

After three gym sessions in the device, and two back out of it, I can report the following changes to my regular routines while I am locked up:

10 minutes on upright bike – possible, but I can no longer bend forward and grab the  handlebars on the sprint. I have lost about 500m over my ten minutes.

10 minutes on cross trainer – as normal

5 minutes on rower – as normal

10 minutes on treadmill –  not possible. The bottom of the cage bangs repeatedly into my scrotum when I jog. I am investigating some form of bandage to keep the whole thing more still, and tucked lower down.

Russian twists with medicine ball – possible

Hovers / plank position – possible

Sit ups and leg raises – I do not like doing these at the gym. Anything involving me lying down with my legs apart would give an onlooker a pretty clear view of the bulge. Luckilly I can do these at home so there is no big deal, but it would be nice to get it all done at once.

All my pin-weight exercises (lateral pull, compound row, shoulder press, chest raise, etc) are possible. I have developed the habit of draping the sweat towel casually across my thigh to distract gaze from the bulge when I do these.

Looks like I can stay fit in this baby, with  few minor adjustments to my routine, and the occasional adjustment to the cage in the shower cubicle. It will need to come off for Karate, and that is all.

So, if you were ever wondering how to spot which guy at the gym has a device on?

  • When doing weights, has sweat towel draped casually across thigh (the same one each time)
  • Won’t do anything where he has to lie on his back
  • Won’t use the treadmill
  • Visits shower cubicle but doesn’t have shower, or change noticeably
  • Won’t sit forward on the upright bike trainer
  • Wears a t-shirt saying “Chaste and Lovin’ It!”.

That’s the guy.