Lamegasm (holiday mode)

Michelle and I fucked last night and I was refused orgasm- surprise surprise – but I had a ruined orgasm when I tried to withdraw from her and suddenly felt how wet she was.

‘Oops. Sorry.’

‘So you should be! You need more self-control,’ she said. ‘Still, at least your little lamegasm will help you sleep better on the plane.’

(We’re heading off on a three week trip tonight. The blog will be on sporadic autopost mode for that period).

This morning she asked me to hold her in bed for an hour and told me how much she loved me. I am very happy right now.






Namio Stories – Ganki Monthly

New visitors note: there’s a new fantasy story series emerging based on Namio drawings. 

It’s about Ms Kishi, chief reviewer at Ganki Monthly – Ganki means facesitting in Japanese, but you probably knew that already.  

There will probably end up being 4 or 5 of these. He certainly did enough illustrations of facesitting for that many at least…

Click here for episode 1…

Ms Kishi’s Bad Mood




Cleaning Up an Old Blog

Coming back to this place after two years reminds me of what a digital castle of sand the internet can be. Literally about half my links were inactive or led to sites that hadn’t been updated since about 2010. And I have quickly discovered loads of new stuff that wasn’t up when I left, too. Like THIS

The links are mostly fixed now although I am still jigging the categories around. As for the old posts – they are so full of dead links and missing images I hardly know where to start. In future, I am never ever again hot-linking to someone else’s image! It’s almost guaranteed it won’t be there in 5 years time.

So things are going to be a bit lumpy around here for a while but I will get there. I say this because I have decided to return to this blog with some gusto. That means writing new material, including some stories to accompany Namio, as well as importing a bunch of other stuff I have been working on for the last few years at different sites. (Captions and various forms of erotic fantasy, mostly).

In the meantime just amuse yourself with the new galleries in the top bar – Spoiled Wives (captions) and Ridden Wet (facesitting art).

A final update

After a break of a few months, Michelle and me have started doing chastity again on Sunday (no device, for those that care).

Result: beautiful intimacy and slow, woman-focused sex, almost immediately. Nothing to do with me being super horny after a long spell. It just happened, as soon as we made the decision. I think we both realise that this is one of our preferred ways of being with each other and now it is just a matter of juggling our life situation so we get to do it whenever we can. And I also realise that I do not actually have very much to say about it, any more. It’s just the way we are.

We have also been having very open discussions of a mind-blowing nature – threesomes and bi-sexuality and various kinks have come up as fantasies for both of us. Not to be put into practice necessarily, just something we both think about, and now, we talk about it as well.

This led into another conversation: what I should do with my own fantasies and my own building sexual energy while I am chaste.

I know that when I am chaste I tend to spend a lot of time on the net (Tumblr, I want my thousand hours back) and this isn’t always productive or particularly wholesome. Michelle has never been overly critical of me playing around with soft porn and erotic art but it has been clear that she doesn’t particularly like it either. She has tolerated it, I guess, perhaps viewing it as necessary but a bit unfortunate.

I do need a creative outlet for my pent-up sexuality but I no longer want it to involve these things.

Last night we hit upon a solution, which now seems very obvious. I should start writing erotic short stories – not published on the net and not illustrated – for her to read.

This way some of the steamy stuff that features in our conversations, and also goes on in my head, can be given an outlet that doesn’t involve pictures and doesn’t ultimately make Michelle feel uncomfortable. It’s writing, for her as the main target audience. Because she actually likes my dirty mind – but she doesn’t particularly like what I have been choosing to do with it for the past five years.

We both felt great about this decision.

So for this reason I am updating a few more things and then I am leaving this blog for the long-term / foreseeable future because I don’t really have anything to say any more, and hopefully I have found a new outlet for my fantasies. If the writing goes well and I do manage to get any stories published I may return and let my small number of subscribers know. My other net sites are going into hibernation as well.

Have fun, ye kinksters and vanilla types alike.


’12 Update

Hi, after another long absence.

Situation here in my world is one of limited femdommery. The deal is very low key and involves chastity, with neither of us really make a big deal of, and a level of submissiveness which is manageable for both of us. I mostly do as Michelle asks and she often remembers to ask for what she wants, so I’d say we’re slowly getting there. This does not feel like a grand arrival or a big moment. It is more like some gradual, incremental changes have finally added up to something.

The chastity thing is not with a device at the moment. It’s free swinging and generally lasts about two weeks before she decides to make me come in the heat of passion. I think we may have turned a corner some time ago, when we finally realised that I was actually the one who wanted me to stay chaste. This changes the paradigm from her making me chaste, to, her making me come. It also stops me fretting about whether she ‘really wants it’ or any of that. If she wants to make me come, she does. The rest of the time I do my own thing.

The arguments we were having over the last few years have subsided, a lot. If we do argue it is about real things, like, where we are ultimately going to live. The pointless domestic bickering or trying to ‘sort out our relationship’ arguments are absent, I think we have both realised it is more destructive to have them than it is to keep quiet. This is good for us because we are both professional communicators (technical writer, publisher) and have been trained to think that reasoned argument can solve everything, but sometimes the opposite is true: shutting the hell up can solve everything.

Otherwise there is life as usual and it is busy, and gets in the way. It always does with us, but I figure seeing as we keep making these decisions to do complicated things, we must enjoy it on some level, so there is no reason to moan.

I’ll be back periodically.

Femdom Art by Stonehouse

At long last, it looks like my plan to turn myself into an internet femdom art maven is paying off. I’ve had two e-mail exchanges from artists in recent times, asking me to review their stuff. The first one from Aure Pernice, whose stuff I reviewed in July, and who wants me to know where his website is really at. More of that in next week’s post…

The other e-mail was from an artists called Stonehouse, who doesn’t have an internet presence so far, but wanted me to review his work. So, this is my first ever Glow Inside exclusive, other than the interviews.

The three pieces I have chosen to put up work for me largely because of the humor, the mock comic cover style. I particularly like the idea of the Narnian White witch as femdom ice queen.

The other stuff I was sent to review was kind of betwixt and between for me – dog men, tiny men, forced felatio on a female police officer’s baton, and so on – and I decided to put up the best three. Like my take on so much femdom art, I found the women erotic but the whole portrayal of men not so much, and I might have almost found the whole thing better of the male figures weren’t in it. (These three are the exception, as I said).

There seems to be a fine line for me, here. On one hand, if the style is cartoonish enough and if the subject is funny or fantastic, I will happily accept the odd portrayal of a dog-man or some other femdom stereotype. But the line is easily crossed, and if the pictures are too much like the same old stuff you could see at FemdomDraw, I start to switch off and look for something with more individuality.

Anyway, Stonehouse is out there and plans a website, so keep an eye out for that if you like the style. In the meantime his gear is right here. And personally, I think there’s some fun to be had with this. Do you do pin-up art, Stonehouse?

Thanks for sending me these pictures. Any other artists out there who want me to put up your stuff, let me know. (I can’t guarantee what I say will be totally positive, but I will review you).


Life Mirrors Art but only sometimes

So actual readers of this blog – rather than those who come here on image searches – might have been wondering what is up with us, and the answer is basically, nothing.

We have moved to foreign climes again, and almost gotten through the period of chaos that happens when you move, but there’s so much going on that it’s hard to focus on D/s / chastity aspects of our relationship like we sometimes have when there’s been less happening. I sometimes wonder if we will end up properly exploring this when we are both retired. Plus, internet here is almost more expensive than gold, so I haven’t had much blog time.

So, uh, nothing to report, although I have determined to get myself back into the device in a few weeks time, just for my own interest, without Michelle necessarily having too much to do with it.

I might pop back in with the odd art post every now and again to keep this moving. It’s funny, my site stats keep going slowly upward, almost regardless of how much I actually post. People are still stumbling onto the old stuff I guess.