Out Come the Hotties

It is Spring where I am and the city is suddenly full of attractive women in sundresses.

Every year I wonder the same thing.

Do they uglify in winter? Do they hibernate?

Do I only notice them with their legs and shoulders exposed?

Surely a hot woman is still hot even in winter dress. Especially as I generally consider myself a ‘face’ man, first and foremost.

Or maybe, my own sexuality rebounds with the return of warm weather.

Next year it will be the same.


Polish Girlfriend T-shirts

“Polish Girlfriend” is quite the internet meme. Not only are there websites on how to obtain one by mail order, but there are also loads of advice sites and Polish forum articles on their proper care and handling, and what to expect once you have one (extreme hawtness, conservatism, lack of sex). Men from other European nations (especially the U.K.) want one under the pervasive belief that they are the most attractive type of girl (together with Russian girls), but are also concerned that “cultural barriers” might get into the way of a “long-term successful relationship” (i.e. one with lots of sex).

All in all, the Polish Girlfriend is a high-risk, high-status asset, and if you have one, you better tell the whole world. Just in the same way you can show your class by helping to promote cars or imported beer brands, you can help to advertise that you have a Polish Girlfriend, or even that you would like to have one, with a range of t-shirts from Zazzle (also available on Cafe Press).


Another series is available from Polart, or Poland by Mail. These come in  two commitment levels.

One can also advertise one’s existence and availability as a potential Polish Girlfriend in the same manner…

Polart also enables you to declare generally the world’s love for Polish Girls.

Finally, if one is not yet the owner of a PG but would like one, you can also advertise your desires.

Once can find similar series of wares for German, Irish, Brazilian and even British Girlfriends (???), and a few other races too, although these are not quite so widespread. Interestingly, the main Russian Girlfriend t-shirt simply reads “Looking For Russian Girlfriend”, presumably to be worn in Russia or nearby. Search results for “French girlfriend t-shirt” go off at some very strange angles, and Albanian or Mongolian Girlfriend t-shirts don’t seem to be on the market at all yet. All in good time, I’m sure.

In the meantime, there’s no girls like Polish girls in terms of status, it would seem. So, if you are fantasising about being with a gorgeous but also traditional, austere and powerful young woman, the Polish Girlfriend meme is for you, and all the other guys around like you.

But, um, have you thought about why you fancy that type of girl, and not the easy-going and possibly more sexually available girl next door?

Another food-related D/s t-shirt design

I think Michelle liked the t-shirt designs.

Last night I was lying on my bed masturbating and thinking about her (no really, it’s true). All of a sudden she barged in, stark naked, her tits staring at me like an extra pair of eyes, and said: “I’ve got another design for you. It’s a t-shirt you could actually wear. Design it.”

This is what she described, except I think she said it was supposed to be black, and have a cherry on top. think I might ask her to draw it just how she likes it. In the meantime…