A serialized tale about the adventures of the super-sexy Secra-Domme,

with illustrations borrowed from my favorite Italian artist, Giovanna Casotto…

Episode 1: Secra-Domme gets the job

Episode 2: Secra-Domme gets rather busy

Episode 3: The Penny Drops

Epiosde 4: Secra-Domme makes a  move…

Episode 5: Working from Home

Episode 6: The First Date

Episode 7: A Good Place for a Second Date

Continuing from Secra-Domme episode 1-7…

Episode 8: Time to Take Over

Episode 9: Work-related expenses

Episode 10: Asking for a raise

Episode 11: Me Time

Episode 12: Keeping Account

Episode 13: Moving In

Episode 14:Working over Lunch

10 thoughts on “Secra-Domme

  1. LOVE these! So inspiring to see the woman I’d love to become- like having a sexy mentor to show me the way!

  2. Thanks Beckie, that’s a nice comment. I have seven more illustrations for another set…they get increasingly bondage oriented as she takes over more and more.

    Anything you would like to see her do or say?

    I’ll leave it another month or so and then start captioning them.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this nice comment. Yes, I’d like to do more when I find the time. I should do the final seven images at some point. Thank you.


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