Letters to Gigi

A series of letters written to various persons in connection to Ms Gigi de Domai, a famous Russian naturist, who is also a hidden member of the deposed Czarist royalty, a mafia plaything, a would-be oil billionaire, and the owner of Wopping United in the English 3rd Division.

gigi014Inquiry to the partner of Gigi de Domai

The original letter in which I delude the erstwhile boyfriend of Ms Gigi into thinking me a bumbling simpleton, hiding my true intentions towards his voluptuous girlfriend. At this stage I had no idea of what was to follow…

1807775oqmQuestions on the Lineage of Gigi de Domai

Gigi’s ancestry is revealed in this personal letter to the girl herself; she is no ordinary nude model, but in fact the grand-daughter of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov, and therefore the true and rightful inheritor of the Russian throne!

Copy of bed4

Letter to the Captors of Gigi de Domai

A tragic yet rather pragmatic missive in which I plea that Gigi’s captor, the Russian Mafia leader Ivan Scrazanic, releases her from the tacky hotel room scene in which him and his minions have been milking her for porn cash…just as soon as he’s got that perfect shot of her, of course.

Interview with Gigi de Domai re: Defeat to Man City 1:0

A conversation with the wonder-boobed Russian about why her team, Manchester City, is performing so poorly. The question is raised: how on earth did Gigi get the job of managing a Premier League football team? And why does she insist on doing it naked?

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