Andy’s Dames

A while back I posted this and didn’t know who the artist was. I’ve now found out.

Andy’s Dames contains a whole range of hand-drawn bondage images in an excellent style. I prefer the F/m ones (shocker) which I think he does by commission rather than because that’s his taste. Most of them are of bound women but you find the F/m stuff with a google image search.

Here’s the companion piece to the one I posted before:

And here are a few more just for the hell of it…

I’m not entirely sure if the second piece is his (there’s no signature), but I think so based on the style.


Sent Out to Work (with Kami Tora)

Another in my fantasy series with illustrations from the Paper Tiger. Pinch of salt required. Click on the pictures to see full size.

So, like I said last time, my mistress got her Personal Service School trainer qualification just after I got my certificate, and we got married. After an extended saltmoon, she went out to work in the same trainer college I’d attended, while I stayed home and looked after the house.

Things we going smoothly until the end of the first year, when she came home one day and told me that she’d had enough of working and that it was my turn. I was surprised because PSS graduates are not normally asked to go out to work by their wives, but she was adamant.


I found out much later that what had really happened was that she’d gotten fired from the PSS. She got a sado-crush on some geeky kid with glasses and and used to find excuses to send him to detention. Then she’d make him write out the date of the Declaration of Gyna, and sign it. The kid’s mother complained when he failed his emissions tests and he was forced to explain the reason behind it. So they sacked her. Now it was up to me.

Because most of her contacts were at the school, so were my first paid jobs. I did offer to do regular stuff like gardening and so on, but she was insistent that my PSS training not go to waste. So I used to get hired out a mascot to the school netball team…


That work soon extended to after-game victory parties, for which my wife would receive several thousand dollars for my services. At first I was concerned that my wife might have a problem with the use of me in this way and consider it as infidelity, but she assured me hat so long as the girls were having a good time she didn’t care less.


After a few months the team made the finals and I ended up on TV. Soon I was getting commercial endorsements too, for various PS-related products. This particular advertising line was associated with a sales gig for my wife, who was supposed to market the product door to door. It could have been quite lucrative, but she said it sounded too much like work for her, and used up all the samples on me in the first week. The company did not renew her contract.


The real break came when I got well-known enough to get hired out for ‘medical research’.


To this day I still do not know why the nurses at that hospital needed to get so many prostate fluid samples. But they said it was for the good of science, and my wife said it was important to keep doing it so she could get enough money to hire a maid. I asked why because I was already doing all the housework, but she said she wanted someone to keep her company when she was feeling frisky and I was out during the day. They got a chaste female called Ellen Standish for the job. My wife called her Standy, for the reason that she didn’t like sitting down much.


And that’s the way it is. I go to work and give personal service, I come home, and I give personal service. Sweet deal, really.


Want to read episode 3?


All images here from The Kamitora Fanclub. There’s plenty more up there. Some of this art is actually from comics, but the narrative here is my own, although the theme is pretty transparent. I have ignored the incest theme in some of this artwork. The pictures make me laugh, and glow.

I wish Georgie Tier did narrative work

Georgie Tier (1963-still not dead yet) is one of my favourite femdom artists. Her pictures show gloriously stylised views of women in full control of their own sexual pleasure, and totally capable of winning the submission of the man / men of their choice. Even her single-figure work is suggestive of dominance.

In this picture it’s…the look on her face. Hey, it’s a drawing and I want to serve her, far more so than any surly photograph of a domme with a cheesy leer on her face.

Anyway, I find myself wishing that artists like this would do narrative work – not necessarily a full comic book, but something with numerous panels featuring the same characters and arranged in order, possibly with some dialogue or descriptive text. Georgie actually has a degree in the comic-book style, and her work always suggests a story, but to my knowledge all her pictures are stand-alone works, or come in small series featuring three pictures of the same figure but with no direct narrative structure.

(I have not actually been to an exhibition so I could be wrong here).

Male comic book femdom art (like Eric Stanton) is OK for the narrative side of things, but I far prefer Tier’s work to look at. Maybe it’s just that I would rather see a woman’s stylised perception of her own (possibly real) sexual dominance than a man’s imaginings of a dominant woman. Namio somehow avoids this distinction for me, but for the most part, I prefer femdom art drawn by women than by men.

Only problem is, there is very little of it around, and not much with a narrative focus. Is it a male desire, to see the actions suggested in a single picture played out as a story over a range of scenes? Or is it just that work like this is actually hard to produce and each picture is lovingly designed, making the creation of a narrative sequence much more difficult than when an easy, cartoon style is employed.

In addition to her (very fine) pictures of gorgeous women whipping and pissing on men, there’s also some more tender scenes showing woman receiving domestic or erotic service which they are obviously enjoying immensely. This, in particuar, is one is one of my favourite pieces of femdom art.

My mind turns immediately to a 7-panel narrative sequence in which the woman is greeted at the door, poured wine, fed oysters, kissed, bathed, massaged, and then licked til she comes, after which the man is ridden like a horse and cropped for his reward. Just something about the style suggests that all that could easily take place….

Anyway, long live Georgie Tier. She no longer has her won site but her work is available from preview galleries at the World Museum of Erotic Art and the Art of Love. There’s also a great review of one of her shows here.

Hope you like these as much as I do.


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