Femdomart.ru and the Wayback Machine

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You remember Femdomart.ru, right? The Russian site with almost every conceivable piece of femdom art on there? It came and went in just under four years (Mar 2004-Feb 2008), leaving behind a host of broken links and a pretty big hole in the femdom internet landscape. Lots of other collections out there have tried to put it all together but this was the real thing, thorough, well organised and totally free.

This chart (which I have forgotten where I got it from) shows daily reach per million in the site’s final year. You can see the escalating popularity just before it went down…


So, what happened…? Four pages list details on the sites history and ownership:

From these, it’s possible to discern that the owner was a guy called Vyatcheslav G. Vasiliev, who has it parked until the middle of next year with a German domain company called Sedo…and that’s really about all. No sign of a comeback from our friend Vyatcheslav any time soon, as far as I am aware.

But all is not lost! In fact, very little of the site has escaped the archivers. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet Wayback Machine, you can go can take a look at Femdomart.ru on the day it was launched, the day it was taken offline and about eighty other days in between.

The front page!

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Happy New Year.

Steve Mayhew.