Interview: Mistress Vanja’s Femdom Phase

Norwegian artist Vanja does all sorts of fetish art, in a style that combines anime with standard cartoon, and maybe a touch of naiive European folk art, too. Nowadays she seems to be mostly preoccupied with her new erotic magazine distribution network, Wildside Comix, and its flagship magazine, Ero-Mania. And while there’s a little bit of femdom art in that magazine, it looks mostly like a lot of ‘vore, furriness and general cartoon porn.

But luckily for me, she went through a notable femdom phase, all of which is available in the free gallery area. I noticed that these had all been added between 2006 and 2007, during which time, I figured, she either must have been commissioned to do a lot of femdom work, or just been feeling very dominant towards her boyfriend (she’s normally of a more submissive persuasion, she says.) Whatever, the result is a whole lot of the following…

She seems to have a thing for candles, and guys having their penises electrocuted too. The girls are hot, the boys cute, and there’s a humor pervading the whole thing that really appeals.

Anyway I figured I’d email her and ask her what made such a sweet girl turn so mean…as in, how come she started churning out stuff like this and then stopped again about a year later. Here’s what she said.

STEVE: Why did you draw so many female domination images between mid-2006 and mid-2007? What was going on at the time? Were they part of a commission etc? Or just for fun?
VANJA: First a note beside the answer: the pictures weren’t made those years, they were just added in my new gallery at that time…so some of them are actually a bit older than that. But I haven’t drawn very much femdom lately, so I can rather answer the question as “why has it been a long time since you drew any femdom art? :)***
A few years back I was experimenting a lot, trying to improve my art skills, and I covered a lot of themes and genres during this process. These were mostly made for fun, but along the way I found what I enjoyed most to draw, and unfortunately femdom isn’t on top of that list. However, I haven’t completely stopped drawing artwork with femdom themes in them, and I do occasionally draw femdom art.
STEVE: Do you have any long femdom narrative stories in your magazine, EroMania? Or is it just single images in the drawing galleries? Do you have any plans to do femdom narratives?
VANJA: So far there are just single pictures, but I actually have an episode-based comic project in early development focusing only on femdom. There’s no exact date when these issues will appear there though, but probably during this year.
STEVE: Do you have any other thoughts about the place of femdom in anime? It seems to me as though it is treated as “just another kink”, like yuri, yaoi, bukkake, etc. Is that how you see it too?
VANJA: Since I’m not dominant, and tend more to the submissive side, femdom art is something I draw for fun. But I know there are a few sites dedicated mainly to this genre (like the forums at **note: I haven’t been there myself, just aware of it**).
And sure, you can use whatever pictures your want that’s displayed on Vanja’s World ^_^
I hope that was okay 🙂
Best regards,
(End Transcript).
Yes, that was definitely okay. I look forward to hearing about the comic sometime…
One more thing about Vanja: she’s not adverse to the occasional artistic self-portait in flagrante delicto. Judging by her photo galleries, some of them were inspired by scenes from real life…

I dont draw myself in bondage very often, but right now I felt the urge to do so ^^...

"I don't draw myself in bondage very often, but right now I felt the urge to do so ^^..."

See you soon,