Fantasy Domme: Sonja Sohn

sonja-sohnlgI am not normally a pinkerton, and I have never before clicked the ‘ebony’ link when surfing, so this is a slightly strange choice for me, but…am I alone in finding The Wire‘s Sonja Sohn incredibly hot? Surely not.

I have mentioned this before in other contexts and been met with the derisive assertion that she can’t be attractive because she looks like a man. Hmmm.

My counter was, and still is:

  • Just because she isn’t traditionally feminine on The Wire doesn’t mean she looks like a man.
  • OK, she wears men’s clothes. But look down the page. See those things on her chest? They are called breasts. Men don’t have those unless they are really overweight.
  • An anyway who cares, she’s smoking hot!

Looking back, I think Michelle’s recent dream of “hot lesbian action” may have closely coincided with our watching an episode of the Wire on DVD in which her character indulges in said activity.

So, perhaps I am not the only one in the relationship who finds Sonja Sohn incredibly hot.

It’s…the look in her eye.