Wifey Wank (The Sudden Switch)

Steve when masturbating. He’s horny in that particular way. He fancies being married to a sex-crazed blonde with giant tits. Like Wifey, here.

wifeyShe’s orally fixated. She’s proud of it. She loves it all over her. Oh baby.

She’s enormous. She used to go in wet t-shirt competitions and win, before Steve forbade her when they were engaged. Oh yeah.

She does her best at the housework, which is her main job other than pleasing Steve with her body. She’s not the brightest. But with everything else she’s got going for her, it doesn’t really matter…

She’ll age well. She spends a lot of time at the gym. She keeps herself nice for Steve.  Like a good wifey should.

And best of all. she loves being pumped, any time, any place. She’s aching for it during the day when Steve’s at work. But she’s faithful. She’ll wait for him, and then present herself for his pleasure, like a good wifey should. Oh yeah…

Then Steve comes.

Wait, what the FUCK was he thinking just five seconds ago? He would HATE to be married to a woman like that.

What he actually wants is this woman…she runs a successful bakery, knows Arabic and Karate, and only wants it twice a week…