Ugly Sex

Welcome to the Ugly Sex Story Archive.

It’s a belief of mine that tucked away in farmhouses, suburban homes and city tenements, a lot of very ordinary people, even very ugly and unfortunate people, are having sexual experiences that would bend the mind of the average hip inner-city twenty-something. Sexy people do not have better sex. The law of averages dictates that. That endlessly horny, multi-orgasmic and highly ejaculatory woman of your dreams be a Russian goddess called Irina, but she is equally likely to be a fat Mongolian lady with a mustache and hairy moles on her inner thighs. Get used to it…

Anyway, here are the stories:

1 – The Real Reason Why Rob and Jane Were Not at Bingo

2 – The Walrus Tusk

Disclaimer: I probably won’t be putting up pictures of fat Mongolian ladies just to prove my point, but I will be posting pictures of hot Slavic models from time to time. I am large and contain multitudes…some of which is probably bollocks.

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