K D Pierre

These pics are pretty much all I can find of cartoon artist K D Perre who does some Femdom stuff.

I know he has a book called ‘The Confession’ and contributes to various story journals over here.

If he has a website or something, enlighten me. I like his stuff. Mostly because the things the women say are exactly the sort of playful bitchiness that gets really me really hot when I am chaste. Like, right now.




4 thoughts on “K D Pierre

  1. Hi. I’m very much alive and well and there are definitely more drawings out there. I have a site but it is getting old and glitchy. I also have over 50 spanking stories on LSF. I would love for fans of my stuff to check them out because I pride myself on making my cartoons and my stories ‘real’, since I base much of what i create on actual experience. Thank you for your kind assessment. (I know you can find a couple of cartoons on Adam & Gillian’s site and even Google images has a few like “Topping from the Bottom” and “PCMJ”.)

  2. Thanks for getting in touch. I will linkup your site and might do another post about your other artwork.

    I wish I could draw. I would be illustrating my on stories instead of stealing pics!


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